About me

Evelin is a qualified hands-on holistic Physiotherapist and Orthopaedical Manual Therapy practitioner with extensive experience across multiple areas of physiotherapy and manual therapy including women’s health, sports injury physiotherapy, workplace injury, posture, adolescence with scoliosis, children with cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, neurorehabilitation after stroke, pelvic floor, orthopedic, geriatric, post knee, and hip replacement, and post-amputation rehabilitation.


Evelyn’s experience ranges in having treated members of the Qatar Military Force including members of the Royal Family. Her experience also extends to patients from recreational activities to professional athletes including cyclists, runners, football players, bodybuilders, and martial arts.


Beside the physiotherapy specializations she is also holder of diploma by UK Body Control Pilates, for teaching basic and intermediate Pilates matwork as well as Pilates for pre- & postnatal clients. She also successfully combined Physiotherapy and Pilates knowledge into a new way of exercising after or in between the rehabilitation process with amazing results and feedback from my clients.


Evelin believes that every patient/client is an active partner in the process of ‘collaborative discovery’ of the relationship between the patient’s beliefs, his understandings and his actual musculoskeletal condition.


Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the Faculty of Health Science Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2011

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URI - Soča, University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia