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Welcome To Our Physical Rehab Center

The Lab Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center is an all-inclusive destination for physical therapies, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and longevity. Rehabilitation and recovery are at the core of what we do but we strive to serve each patient far beyond the rehabilitation of an injury by tailoring our physical treatment to optimize performance and sustainability for your lifestyle.

The Lab rehab center provides an environment where the people in Dubai can access the highest quality treatment to ease pain and injury. Our professional and friendly service is delivered by highly trained, motivated doctors and therapists. By working together we help our clients lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

Our mission

is to make physiotherapy less clinical and more personal.

Our goal

is to provide the highest quality and most up-to-date physical therapies available in a professional and caring manner.


We are committed to helping you attain your rehabilitation goals.

Meet Our Team

Senior Physiotherapist

Live young and enjoy your best ever physical health

At The Lab rehab center, we’ve developed a comprehensive physical treatment model to optimize your rehabilitation. Our team truly focuses on your recovery with a deep assessment and successful physical therapy treatment plan, in our modern center that is calming and relaxing, with trusted and experienced therapists who have seen it all.

We treat migraines, neck and back pain, shoulder issues, sciatica, sports injuries, car accident injuries, work-related problems, and much more. There are all kinds of things in life that can cause pain and discomfort, and physical therapies can help reduce those problems so you can enjoy your life again.

There’s no need to live in pain and discomfort or with a reduced range of motion when you can get the help and support you need from trusted therapists.

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